A Variation of Blackjack

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You are about to learn about an exciting new version of Blackjack that is just entering casinos in the United States. Triple Win 20 is a variation of the original Blackjack game with a few twists that make it a smart move for the house and with fun variety for the players.



Triple Win 20 is a variation of Blackjack, with some key differences.





Terry Houk and Greg Wilson have gaming industry experience and expertise.





Triple Win 20 has been patented GLI Tested with some exciting results.





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A better blackjack strategy.


Providing a better Blackjack strategy for the casinos, Triple Win 20 offers an exciting new Blackjack variation for players with odds that make sense for the house.



  • 6 decks of regular 52 card playing cards.
  • Standard size Blackjack table with specialized felt. Seating ranges from one to seven players.

Objectives of the Game

  • Each player plays against the dealer, trying to reach the value of 11 with one card or the value of 20 with two or more cards. 
  • Three ways to win:
    • Obtain the value of 11 with the first card only. This pays the value of the player’s bet, or 1:1.
    • Obtain the value of 20 with the first two cards only. This pays the value of the player’s bet, or 1:1. However, if the first two cards are a pair of suited Kings, a pair of suited Queens or a pair of suited Jacks, the player is paid one and one half times the bet, or 3:2.
    • Obtain a higher winning value than the dealer with two or more cards. This pays the value of your bet, or 1:1.

the creators


60 years of industry expertise.

Terry Houk and Greg Wilson combined 60 years of industry gaming gaming experience. Triple Win 20 is a Blackjack variation that will excite consumers and better the odds for casinos. Request a live presentation from Terry or Greg to come to your casino today.


Terry Houk


Greg Wilson




Win right away.

Triple Win 20 lets the player win on the first card, an exciting Blackjack variation that will draw traffic to your casino. Patented and GLI tested, the numbers make sense for every house.


Patented for your protection

We’ve patented Triple Win 20 as a Blackjack variation that will ensure your protection with our game. “Casino approved” our 60 plus years of industry experience shows through our dedication to presenting you with a profitable and high-quality new game.


GLI tested = surprising results.

Triple Win 20 has been tested by the GLI and  on 2 million hands dealt Triple Win20 has a house edge one percent better than regular Blackjack. Our game increases the odds for the house while presenting a new variation that’s an exciting alternative for the player.


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